About The Author

Carie Ageneau is a full-time high school French teacher who has an obsession with late 1st century Roman history, particularly Roman Britain. She has recently completed her first historical fiction manuscript, The Dark before the Dawn, with the idea of taking the blueprint history gave us and weaving a fictitious yet plausible story into it. She can’t help but throw a forbidden love into the mix, as well.

She got into writing after seeing the 2011 film, The Eagle, and realizing she knew nothing about Roman Britain or Rome, in general. She had a story and wanted to tell it. Though earlier versions of the manuscript were put on pause to accommodate teaching, the desire to learn more about history and writing never stopped.

When she isn’t spending all her time researching everything from merchant ships to gynecology in antiquity or imagining that she and Classicist, Mary Beard are friends who casually chat over all things Roman, she’s enjoying her time with her Spanish teacher wife and their two dogs.